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Maggie is endorsed by Equality Maryland!

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Here is the list of Equality Maryland’s early endorsements for State Senate and the House of Delegates. Congrats to the whole 43rd delegation team for making the cut!

State Senate
Delores Kelley D-10
Bobby Zirkin D-11
Edward Kasemeyer D-12
Karen Montgomery D-14
Rich Madaleno D-18
Jamie Raskin D-20
Paul Pinsky D-22
Nancy King D-39
Catherine Pugh D-40
Nathaniel McFadden D-45

House of Delegates
D-3A Galen Clagett
D-10 Adrienne Jones
D-12B Elizabeth Bobo
D-13 Frank Turner
D-14 Anne Kaiser
D-15 Brian Feldman
D-16 Bill Frick
D-16 Susan Lee
D-17 Kumar Barve
D-17 Luiz Simmons
D-17 Jim Gilchrist
D-18 Dana Beyer
D-18 Al Carr
D-18 Ana Sol Gutierrez
D-18 Jeff Waldstreicher
D-19 Benjamin Kramer
D-20 Tom Hucker
D-20 Heather Mizeur
D-21 Ben Barnes
D-21 Barbara Frush
D-21 Joseline Pena-Melnyk
D-22 Justin Ross
D-23 James Hubbard
D-26 Kris Valderrama
D-30 Virginia Clagett
D-30 Judd Legum
D-34 A B. Daniel Riley
D-39 Charles Barkley
D-39 Kirill Reznik
D-40 Barbara Robinson
D-40 Shawn Tarrant
D-41 Samuel Rosenberg
D-42 Stephen Lafferty
D-43 Maggie McIntosh
D-43 Curt Anderson
D-43 Mary Washington
D-46 Brian McHale
D-46 Luke Clippinger
D-47 Jolene Ivey
D-47 Doyle Niemann

Maggie is endorsed by the Democratic Women’s PAC of Maryland!

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The Democratic Women’s PAC of Maryland is proud to announce 18 candidates who’ve earned our early endorsement for the 2010 Election.
These candidates share our priorities and represent significant opportunities to maintain and grow the number of elected women in Maryland.
The number of women in the Maryland legislature has declined over the last two consecutive election cycles. With this first round of endorsements, we pledge to do all we can to flip the trend by supporting these candidates with the financial and technical resources they need to win.
It is now incumbent upon you – our network of over 2,000 women leaders, elected officials and activists to support their campaigns. We’ll keep you updated on their campaigns and the PAC’s efforts on their behalf.
Contribute to the Women’s PAC today so we can help these endorsed candidates raise the money they need to win!
DWPAC Early Endorsements
Sen. Jennie Forehand, Senate D17
Sen. Delores Kelley, Senate D10
Sen. Nancy King , Senate D39
Sen. Kathy Klausmeier, Senate D8
Sen. Rona Kramer, Senate D14
Lori Albin, Delegate D42
Vanessa Atterbeary, Delegate D18
Bonnie Cullison, Delegate D19
Del. Adrienne Jones, Delegate D10
Del. Anne Kaiser, Delegate D20
Del. Sue Kullen, Delegate, D27B
Maryann Maher, Delegate D9A
Del. Maggie McIntosh, Delegate D43
Del. Heather Mizeur, Delegate D20
Mary Washington, Delegate D43
Nicole Williams, Delegate, D23A
Cncl. Nancy Navarro, MoCo Council D4
Cncl. Andrea Harrison, PG Council D5

The League of Conservation Voters Endorses Maggie!

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Press Release

For Immediate Release

Contact: Cindy Schwartz
or Jen Brock-Cancellieri

First Round of Environmental Endorsements Announced for Maryland Senators and Delegates
Candidates with Proven Conservation Records and Demonstrated Leadership

(Annapolis, MD)

Today the Maryland League of Conservation Voters released its first round of endorsed candidates for Attorney General, Comptroller, Senate and the House of Delegates in the 2010 state elections. The 16 Senate, 41 House, and statewide endorsed candidates have all demonstrated pro-conservation records, leadership on environmental issues, and an open-door policy when it comes to working with the environmental community. Earlier this year, the League endorsed Governor Martin O’Malley for re-election.

“These candidates walk the walk – they’ve shown they don’t just vote for pro-conservation legislation; they actively champion our cause in the fight for Maryland’s air, land, water, and people,” said Cindy Schwartz, Executive Director of the Maryland League of Conservation Voters. “As we continue our efforts to restore the Chesapeake Bay and our waterways, lead the way to a clean energy economy, and leave the state in better shape for future generations, Marylanders must have elected officials who speak out for the environment. These elected officials are the frontline who can be counted on to do the right thing.” Every year, the Maryland League of Conservation Voters (LCV) evaluates candidate questionnaires and considers legislative work and leadership on behalf of the environment.

Before announcing endorsements, the League sent a questionnaire to every candidate with more than 40 questions aimed at examining candidates’ positions, records, and plans for protecting Maryland’s air, land, water, and people. Additionally, the Board of Directors and staff conduct interviews with dozens of candidates for legislative office—as well as for Comptroller, Attorney General, and Governor. In the 2010 elections, Maryland LCV will actively work to get selected pro-conservation candidates elected.
More endorsements will be released in the coming weeks and months. “At the Maryland League of Conservation Voters, we are dedicated to passing strong environmental legislation, which is why who we elect matters—particularly at the state level, where we have a great opportunity to make a substantial difference by increasing the conservation majority in the Maryland General Assembly.”

Maryland League of Conservation Voters 2010 Endorsements – June 10, 2010
(District, Name, Office, Challenger)
Statewide, Attorney General, Doug Gansler
Statewide, Comptroller, Peter Franchot
6, John Olszewski, House
10, Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, House
11, Dan Morhaim, House
11, Dana Stein, House
11, Jon Cardin, House
12B, Elizabeth Bobo, House
13, Frank Turner, House
13, Guy Guzzone, House
13, Shane Pendergrass, House
14, Del. Karen Montgomery, Senate, Challenger
14, Anne Kaiser, House
15, Rob Garagiola, Senate
15, Kathleen Dumais, House
16, Brian Frosh, Senate
16, Bill Frick, House
16, Susan Lee, House
17, Former Del. Cheryl Kagan, Senate, Challenger
17, Luiz Simmons, House
17, Kumar Barve, House
17, Jim Gilchrist, House
18, Richard Madaleno, Senate
18, Ana Sol Gutierrez, House
18, Al Carr, House
18, Jeff Waldstreicher, House
19, Mike Lenett, Senate
20, Jamie Raskin, Senate
20, Heather Mizeur, House
20, Sheila Hixson, House
20, Tom Hucker, House
21, Jim Rosapepe, Senate
21, Ben Barnes, House
21, Barbara Frush, House
21, Joseline Peña-Melnyk, House
22, Paul Pinsky, Senate
22, Anne Healey, House
22, Justin Ross, House
22, Tawanna Gaines, House
23A, James W. Hubbard, House
26, Veronica Turner, House
30, Michael Busch, House
30, Virginia Clagett, House
31, Steve Schuh, House
32, Pamela Beidle, House
36, Don Alcorn, Senate
38, Del. Jim Mathias, Senate, Challenger in Open Seat
39, Del. Saqib Ali, Senate, Challenger
39, Kirill Reznik, House
40, Shawn Tarrant, House
41, Lisa Gladden, Senate
42, Jim Brochin, Senate
42, Stephen Lafferty, House
43, Joan Carter Conway, Senate
43, Maggie McIntosh, House
44, Keith Haynes, House
44, Melvin Stukes, House
47, David Harrington, Senate
47, Doyle Niemann, House