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The Sierra Club endorses Maggie!

Posted by quinn on August 16, 2010  |   Comments Off on The Sierra Club endorses Maggie!

We’ve excerpted the statewide and Baltimore City endorsements (thus far) below. Congrats to the whole 43rd District Leadership Team for earning the support of the environmental community!


Governor Martin O’Malley

Comptroller Peter Franchot   

Attorney General Doug Gansler    

Baltimore City

Dst. Name Office Candidate website

6         John Olszewski                Delegate

8         Eric Bromwell                 Delegate

10       Emmett Burns                 Delegate

10       Adrienne Jones                Delegate

10       Shirley Nathan-Pulliam   Delegate

11       Bobby Zirkin                   Senator

11       Jon Cardin                       Delegate

11       Dan Morhaim                  Delegate

11       Dana Stein                       Delegate

12A    Steven DeBoy                 Delegate

12A    James Malone                  Delegate

34A    Mary Dulaney James       Delegate

40       Catherine Pugh                Senator

40       Frank Conaway               Delegate

40       Barbara Robinson            Delegate

40       Shawn Tarrant                 Delegate

41       Lisa Gladden                   Senator

41       Jill Carter                         Delegate

41       Sandy Rosenberg            Delegate

42       Jim Brochin                     Senator

42       Lori Albin                        Delegate

42       Stephen Lafferty             Delegate

43       Joan Carter Conway        Senator

43       Curt Anderson                 Delegate

43       Maggie Macintosh           Delegate

43       Mary Washington            Delegate

44       Verna Jones                     Senator

44       Keith Haynes                   Delegate

44       Melvin Stukes                  Delegate

45       Cheryl Glenn                   Delegate

46       Bill Ferguson                   Senator

46       Peter Hammen                 Delegate

46       Luke Clippinger               Delegate

46       Brian McHale                  Delegate