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Maggie’s Legislative Update: Session Wrap-Up

Posted by Matt on April 17, 2015  |   Comments Off on Maggie’s Legislative Update: Session Wrap-Up

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The 435th session of the Maryland General Assembly drew to a close Monday evening with a flurry of activity. This session welcomed 69 new members to the General Assembly – many of them serving for the first time – and marked my first session as chair of the Appropriations Committee.

I wanted to take this opportunity to once again thank you for entrusting me to represent you in Annapolis and to give you an update on some of the more significant pieces of legislation that passed during the 2015 session. Below, you will find synopses of many of the important bills passed this session, grouped by subject area.

I’m looking forward to being back in Baltimore and to having a chance to hear your thoughts and concerns more directly as I visit community groups in the district. As always, if you want more information on a piece of legislation or I can assist you with a constituent matter, please reach out to me or my staff and we will be happy to assist you.


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Maggie’s Legislative Update: The Capital Budget

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Today, the House of Delegates accepted the Appropriations Committee’s amendments to the 2016 capital budget with fairly wide bipartisan support. The bill is expected to be up for final passage tomorrow or Friday. On Friday I shared some of the highlights, today I wanted to give you some more information on the capital budget as a whole.

The capital budget funds building, construction, demolition, planning, renovation, conversion, replacement, and capital equipment for State facilities such as parks, hospitals, and public higher education institutions. Additionally, it funds local projects in every Maryland county ranging from public schools to community health centers.

This month all three major rating agencies once again affirmed the State’s “Triple A” bond rating. Maryland has the distinction of being 1 of 10 states in the country to maintain a “Triple A” bond rating. The rating agencies consistently cite the relative strength of Maryland’s economy, tradition of sound financial management, and adherence to our debt affordability guidelines.

This capital budget comes in $50 million under the limit set by the Spending Affordability Committee for net new general obligation debt.

The capital budget is State government’s best job creation tool – We estimate that the funding in this capital budget will create and maintain 27 thousand direct and indirect jobs and another 16 thousand jobs from the $1.6 billion of local and private funds leveraged by the State’s capital spending. The budget ensures that the resources available would be used for projects that are ready to proceed and can immediately help the State’s economy. Continue Reading…