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Statement on the Tragedy in Orlando

Posted by Matt on June 13, 2016  |   Comments Off on Statement on the Tragedy in Orlando


It is with a broken heart that I grapple with the aftermath of the horrific shooting which took place early Sunday morning in Orlando, Florida.  As a gay woman, I am shaken and saddened that such prejudice and ignorance could have erupted in this violence against my beloved community, anywhere in this nation.  As a Baltimore public official, I remain steadfast in my commitment to work with the LGBT community, the police department, each and every community association, and my fellow city leaders to ensure the safety of our Baltimore LGBT brothers and sisters – in every place in our city and at every time.

As a member of the Maryland General Assembly, I will continue to work to pass common sense gun safety laws. As an example, we failed to pass two bills aimed to make our college campuses safer and block the purchase of guns by individuals on the “no fly list”.  In other words, suspected terrorists.

As a citizen of this great nation, I renew my pledge to work in the effort to elect national leaders who embody the message of universal respect, love, protection, and celebration for each and every one of its citizens.  For when any one community’s rights are not protected, when any one community is not respected, is unsafe, is unloved, and is not celebrated, then we are all thus.  Today I stand with the LGBT community in Orlando, in Maryland and across the nation in mourning, in compassion, and in strength. We must all stand with each other and with all of our allies who respect, protect, love and celebrate all people. All we have is each other – and this is our greatest strength.

I write this in solidarity with the majority of Delegates and Senators who share these views. In particular Senator Rich Madaleno, Delegates Mary Washington, Bonnie Cullison, Anne Kaiser, and Luke Clippinger, all LGBT members of the Maryland General Assembly.


-Delegate Maggie McIntosh