Maggie is endorsed by the Democratic Women’s PAC of Maryland!

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The Democratic Women’s PAC of Maryland is proud to announce 18 candidates who’ve earned our early endorsement for the 2010 Election.
These candidates share our priorities and represent significant opportunities to maintain and grow the number of elected women in Maryland.
The number of women in the Maryland legislature has declined over the last two consecutive election cycles. With this first round of endorsements, we pledge to do all we can to flip the trend by supporting these candidates with the financial and technical resources they need to win.
It is now incumbent upon you – our network of over 2,000 women leaders, elected officials and activists to support their campaigns. We’ll keep you updated on their campaigns and the┬áPAC’s efforts on their behalf.
Contribute to the Women’s PAC today so we can help these endorsed candidates raise the money they need to win!
DWPAC Early Endorsements
Sen. Jennie Forehand, Senate D17
Sen. Delores Kelley, Senate D10
Sen. Nancy King , Senate D39
Sen. Kathy Klausmeier, Senate D8
Sen. Rona Kramer, Senate D14
Lori Albin, Delegate D42
Vanessa Atterbeary, Delegate D18
Bonnie Cullison, Delegate D19
Del. Adrienne Jones, Delegate D10
Del. Anne Kaiser, Delegate D20
Del. Sue Kullen, Delegate, D27B
Maryann Maher, Delegate D9A
Del. Maggie McIntosh, Delegate D43
Del. Heather Mizeur, Delegate D20
Mary Washington, Delegate D43
Nicole Williams, Delegate, D23A
Cncl. Nancy Navarro, MoCo Council D4
Cncl. Andrea Harrison, PG Council D5